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Florida: Hurricane Committee Focuses On Seniors, Power Grid

Rich Jones, WOKV, Jan. 17, 2018 Tallahassee, FL  –  (AP) – Florida’s first major hurricane in 12 years has spawned 78 recommendations from lawmakers seeking to improve the state’s readiness before the next big one. The 21-member House Select Committee on Hurricane Response and Preparedness approved its final report Tuesday. It says strengthening the power grid, […]

Regional Collaboration on Climate May Have Set A Precedent For Miami’s Amazon Application

Kate Stein, WLRN, Jan. 18, 2018 Miami’s promising bid for the second Amazon headquarters results in part from regional collaboration on resilience issues including sea level rise, said an official familiar with the plan’s development. The proposal was listed among the 20 finalists announced Thursday by the Seattle-based tech giant. Technically, Miami’s plan is a joint effort among Broward, Palm […]

Sea-Level Rise Threatens Several Tampa Bay Area Communities

Sean Kinane, 88.5 WMNF, Jan. 22, 20018 A new report on sea-level rise by the Union of Concerned Scientists concludes that several Tampa Bay communities will see more and more sunny-day flooding over the next few decades; we also hear from two of the candidates running for Florida governor about climate change and sea-level rise. Here’s how Republican Adam […]

Accelerating Rate of Sea Level Rise and The Fate of Coastal Ecosystems and Urbanized Areas

John F. Meeder, Science Trends, Jan. 22, 2018 During the past 3000 years (called the Late Holocene) the rate of sea level rise was less than 1 mm y-1 and coastal ecosystems such as barrier islands and coastal wetlands were stable, that is shorelines remained in the same location because sediment accumulation kept up with sea […]

HUD Tells States to Consider Sea Level Rise when Rebuilding from Storms

Josh Siegel, Washington Examiner, Feb. 7, 2018 The Department of Housing and Urban Development this week put out a notice to states receiving federal funding to help recover from last year’s three major hurricanes to “take into account” sea level rise when they build new structures in flood-prone areas. The directive appears to mostly follow […]

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