Brian Kahn, Gizmodo, Oct. 17, 2018
In the sea of destruction that is Mexico Beach, the Sand Palace stands out like an oasis. Hurricane Michael’s wind and waves pitched lesser domiciles off their moorings, tore roofs away, or simply obliterated them. But as numerous news outlets have observed, the stately white house at the end of 36th St. withstood the storm largely unscathed.

The New York Times broke the story of the house that was “supposed to be a fortress” according to Russell King, one of the owners. He, along with his uncle Lebron Lackey, had built Sand Palace to withstand the big one, in part because they accept the science of climate change and the risk of more intense hurricanes. But if their house is a monument to adaptation done right, it’s also a reminder of how unprepared we as a society are for the climate disasters of the future. And it’s a reminder adapting to climate change is not something we can do at the individual level alone.

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