Daniel Raimi, Amelia Keyes, Resources, March 18, 2020


Climate change is affecting our world today, and these effects will become more significant in the years to come. In the United States, one state that is particularly susceptible to some of the most damaging consequences of climate change is Florida.

Florida’s long coastline and low-lying land make it particularly vulnerable to the damaging impacts of rising sea levels, which are projected to rise faster in Florida than the global average. Florida is also more exposed than any other US state to damages from tropical storms. Because the average age in Florida is higher than in most other states (with a larger share of the population older than 65), some communities in Florida are at higher risk due to rising temperatures.

The discussion that follows, punctuated in the next several pages by illustrations, provides an overview of the implications of a changing climate for Florida and the people who live there, mostly drawn from projections over a 20-year horizon. 

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