Editorial, Florida Times-Union, January 15, 2020


San Marco is known as one of Jacksonville’s elite neighborhoods, a place near the river and near Downtown.

But its extensive waterfront also means that San Marco is known for flooding after heavy rains, on high tides and after storms.

That flooding, says lifetime resident Matt Carlucci to the Times-Union Editorial Board, is getting worse. He not only sees it as a resident, he sees the after-effects as an insurance agent for over 40 years.

“After the storms, while most people are hunkered down or bailing the water out of their houses, I am out, jumping over trees and avoiding electrical lines,” Carlucci said. “We flood so much easier now than we used to.

“I’ve seen flooding on River Road that I’ve never seen before, completely going over the bulkheads and make a big pond in front of homes.”

One of Carlucci’s goals when he ran for a second stint on City Council was to chair a special task force on resiliency. City Council often doesn’t respond well to long-term issues like flooding. The task force appointed by City Council President Scott Wilson is a good step. Read More