Brendan Rivera, WJCT, July 24, 2019

Jacksonville is getting ready to conduct a resiliency analysis, looking at the city’s critical infrastructure and areas that may be susceptible to increasing levels of precipitation as well as rising sea levels and its related risks.

The goals of the resiliency analysis are:

  • To produce a climate resiliency report.
  • Propose changes to the City’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan.
  • Propose updates to City policies for development.
  • Develop a list of potential projects for infrastructure protection.

A $75,000 grant from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection will be used to help fund the study, which will identify up to 50 critical pieces of infrastructure and/or natural resources that will be evaluated for impacts under future sea level rise (SLR) scenarios, and hire a consultant.

“In Mayor Curry’s proposed budget, there is a CIP [Capital Improvement Program] allocation of funding to support a consultant to bring on board,” said Public WorksDirector John Pappas. “We will be selecting a consultant as soon as the funding gets in place.”

That consultant will be responsible for evaluating current environmental conditions and determining anticipated changes. The consultant will consolidate available information related to those environmental changes and how the changes are expected to impact Jacksonville and then determine a standard on which to base future improvements.

The consultant will also be tasked with evaluating what infrastructure is critical to the city and determining weak points based on the changing environmental conditions.

Ultimately, the consultant will be expected to evaluate those true weak points, identify potential future improvements and then create a plan to support those improvements. Pappas said Public Works will be managing the resiliency analysis with support from the consultant.

In its draft DEP grant application, the City describes the need for and potential benefits of this project

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