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What Land Will be Underwater in 20 Years? Figuring it Out Could be Lucrative

In Charleston, S.C., where the ports have been expanding to accommodate larger ships sailing through the newly widened Panama Canal, a real-estate developer named Xebec Realty recently went looking for land to build new warehouses and logistics centers. But first, Xebec had a question: What were the odds that the sites it was considering might be underwater […]

A Call for Public/Private Partnerships to Help Win South Florida’s Battle with Wising Sea Levels

South Florida faces both immediate and long-term threats from climate change. The impact of sea-level rise is already evident in the form of urban flooding during high tides and major storms; saltwater intrusion that endangers groundwater supplies and inland ecosystems; and coastal erosion that is compromising the very beaches that millions of tourists flock to […]

Village Receives $550K State Grant for Stormwater Projects

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection announced on June 23 that it had awarded $550,000 to the Village of Palmetto Bay for stormwater infrastructure improvements as part of a nearly $3 million funding program awarding grants to communities across Florida. The overall program is designed to improve water quality in impaired springs, rivers, lakes and […]