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Hurricane Michael Hit the Parts of Florida Least Prepared to Flee Its Wrath

Aarian Marshall, Wired, Oct. 11, 2018 On Wednesday morning, Hurricane Michael barreled through the Florida panhandle. The most powerful storm to hit the region since record-keeping began in the mid-19th century ran roughshod over the state’s northwest coasts, damaging two local hospitals enough that they have started evacuating their patients from the area—even after the storm has left. At least seven […]

The World is ‘Nowhere Near On Track’ to Hit Global Warming Goal, UN Report Warns

Erin Corbett, Fortune, Sept. 27, 2018 Authors of a new UN climate report say it is “extremely improbable” that governments across the globe will be able to stop global warming beyond the 1.5C target, the Guardian reported. According to the report, the global population would need to take dramatic action in terms of how it generates energy, and grows […]

Groups Launch Polk County Solar Cooperative

Gary white, The Ledger, Sept. 26, 2018 BARTOW — Charlene Bennett had 22 solar panels installed about four years ago on the roof of her Lake Wales house. Her typical monthly electric bill these days is just $10.49. But money wasn’t her only motivation for going solar. “If we don’t quit pumping greenhouse gases into the […]

How Global Warming Is Turbocharging Monster Storms Like Hurricane Florence

Fred Guterl, Newsweek, Sept. 25, 2018 s Hurricane Florence approached the tiny port town of Wilmington, North Carolina, Steven Pfaff took small solace in the knowledge that there hadn’t been much rainfall in August. He hoped the absorbent ground would soak up whatever punishment Florence might inflict; when Hurricane Matthew arrived in 2016, the ground was […]

5 Natural Disaster Simulators in the US that Help Build Stronger, More Resilient Communities

Ashley Williams, AccuWeather, Sept. 25, 2018 From earthquakes and tornadoes to hurricanes and flooding, residents of the United States are no strangers to destructive and often deadly natural disasters. These powerful phenomena not only threaten lives, but also result in billions of dollars in damage annually, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Scientists and […]

Florence shows Why Flood Insurance Must Be Fixed

Editorial, Tampa Bay Times, Sept. 27, 2018. The floodwaters have been still rising in North Carolina, more than a week after Hurricane Florence swept through the state. The storm continues to wreak havoc in areas where fewer than 1 in 10 homeowners have flood insurance, underscoring the need for a long-term fix to the National Flood […]