Month: May 2020

Some Coastal U.S. Could Experience Flooding Every Day by 2100 If Sea Levels Rise as Expected, Scientists Say.

Aristos Georgiou, Newsweek, April 17, 2020 By 2100, city streets in some coastal U.S. cities could experience flooding every day, making urban waterfronts practically uninhabitable, if sea levels continue to rise as expected. Extreme flooding events in some coastal areas of the country could double every five years, according to a study published in […]

COVID-19 and The Climate Crisis Show Us That “An Ounce of Prevention” Can Save Lives and Money.

Op-ed by Susan Glickman, The Invading Sea, April 16, 2020 Drastic times call for drastic measures, and society is making unprecedented changes to the ways we govern ourselves, school our children, shop, work, manage finances, and socialize. Constant hand-washing is the new norm and we are making individual sacrifices for the common good. We […]

Tampa Bay Are Properties At High Risk of Losing Value Due to Sea Level Rise, Report Finds

Emily L. Mahoney, Tampa Bay Times, April 29, 2020 Using a combination of climate change projections, elevation mapping, tidal gauge readings and property data, a new report concludes what many in the Tampa Bay region likely already suspected: that property value… Read More

Broward County Adopts Regulations That Require Property Owners to Fix Seawalls and Disclose Whether Property is in ‘Tidal-Flooding Area.’

Op-Ed Albert J. Slap, Coastal Risk Consulting, The Invading Sea, April 28, 2020 Broward County has passed an ordinance that sets minimum seawall and top-of-bank elevation standards in areas that are susceptible to flooding from high tides. On March 31, the county approved a model code for cities to adopt that spells out regionally […]

Emissions Declines Will Set Records This Year. But It’s Not Good News.

Brad Plumer, New York Times, April 30, 2020 Global greenhouse gas emissions are on track to plunge nearly 8 percent this year, the largest drop ever recorded, as worldwide lockdowns to fight the coronavirus have triggered an “unprecedented” decline in the use of fossil fuels, the International Energy Agency said in a new report on […]