Month: August 2019

Sea Level Rise Requires Extra Management to Maintain Salt Marshes

Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research. Science Daily. July 19, 2019 Salt marshes are important habitats for fish and birds and protect coasts under sea level rise against stronger wave attacks. However, salt marshes themselves are much more vulnerable to these global change threats than previously thought. Stronger waves due to sea level rise can […]

Sustainability Presents on Local Canal Restoration and Climate Change Efforts at Conference

Monroe County, August 5, 2019   The annual American Water Resources Association conference was held last week in Key West. Rhonda Haag, Monroe County Director of Sustainability, presented at the conference on Thursday on County adaptation efforts regarding climate change and sea-level rise in the Florida Keys. The conference focuses on the latest developments in […]

How The 5 Riskiest US Cities for Coastal Flooding Are Preparing for Rising Tides: A Comparison

Mary Caperton Morton, Science News, August 6, 2019   The five U.S. cities most at risk from coastal flooding have begun to make plans for adapting to rising sea levels. Some are further along than others. Here’s where their flood resilience efforts stand: Miami Florida’s flooding risk comes not just from storms and high tides […]

Miami-Dade County Adopts Resilient 305 Strategy For A Stronger Future

Daniella Cava, Miami Community Newspapers, August 5, 2019 This week, our county officially adopted the Greater Miami and the Beaches Resilient 305 strategy. The report marks a pivot point for our community: a new, unified approach that looks at many of the challenges we already face – like affordability, poverty, traffic and inadequate transit – […]

Journalist Say Florida Is “Ground Zero’ for Climate Change. Here’s What They’re Doing About It

Robin Young, WBUR 90.9, August 5, 2019 Are newsrooms doing enough to cover climate change? That’s the question that Florida newsrooms have decided to tackle head on. News organizations across the Sunshine State have teamed up to report on climate change as a collaborative effort. The network — including The Palm Beach Post, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Tampa […]

Florida Resilience Officer: Climate Change ‘Absolutely’ Means Restricting Development

Zachary T. Sampson, Miami Herald, August 9, 2019 Climate Change ‘Absolutely’ Means Restricting Development For the first time, Florida has a chief resilience officer to oversee the state’s efforts to cope with climate change — and in her first extended interview, she wasn’t shy about using the term “climate change.” Consider that a major development […]

The Florida PACE Program Could be a Vital New Source of Money for People Who Want to Make Their Properties More Resilient to Flooding.

Op-Ed by Albert J. Slap, Coastal Risk Consulting, The Invading Sea, July 25, 2019 In an Invading Sea articlein June, I wrote that new building codes and large public infrastructure projects will not do much to improve flood resilience in the near term for buildings in vulnerable coastal communities. These homeowners and businesses are already “at risk” […]

Florida’s Monroe County Approves $10 Million for Home Buyouts

Theresa Pinto, Miami Beach Times, July 25, 2019 MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA – On July 22nd, the Monroe County Commission approved a measure to participate in Rebuild Florida’s state-funded disaster recovery program, which has allocated $10 million to the County for voluntary home buyouts. Monroe County, population 73,090 as of the 2010 census, has their county seat […]