Month: June 2018

Florida Future Fund: Accelerating Investment in Resilient Infrastructure and Communities

Florida is on the front lines of sea-level rise and will likely see stronger and more frequent storm surges and heat waves as well as more intense hurricanes and other extreme weather events. These threats are increasing the strain on Florida’s aging energy, transportation, and water systems as well as other infrastructure that supports the state’s economy and the […]

Miami Beach Rising Seas Strategy Needs More Solutions: ULI Panel

UPDATED April 22, 11:05 p.m.: To combat rising seas, Miami Beach needs to build taller seawalls throughout the island, use green spaces to sponge off water, and should consider commissioning art installations in parks that can catch stormwater runoff, according to a group of Urban Land Institute architects, engineers, market analysts and real estate professionals. Miami […]

It’s Earth Day. Here Are 11 Stories About How Climate Change Affects Florida

Happy Earth Day, Florida! In the spirit of the holiday that recognizes our planet’s clean air, water and land, here are 11 stories the Tampa Bay Times has published about how climate change affects the Sunshine State. 1. The Florida keys have to elevate their roads — costing millions of dollars — before they’re underwater. 2. A report by […]

How Will Sea-Level Rise Affect Your Home? Miami Is Creating A Tool That Will Show You.

The looming impacts of climate change are increasingly raising questions about the future of Miami’s real estate, particularly from residents who wonder what will happen to their property as the sea level rises. Seeing a need for a user-friendly, visual platform where property owners can see what might happen to their land and how they can […]

Can a Miami Beach Neighborhood Preserve Its History and Protect Itself from Sea Rise?

Nestled in a quiet corner of North Beach, the Tatum Waterway is home to a cluster of buildings that showcase the bold, optimistic postwar architecture known as “Miami Modern” or “MiMo” — overhanging eaves, external staircases and poles shooting out of the ground like light beams. But the waterfront neighborhood is also one of the […]

Florida Citrus Farmers to Get $340 Million in Hurricane Irma Relief

TALLAHASSEE — Florida will get $340 million to help citrus farmers replace trees and groves lost to Hurricane Irma, as the federal government continues to release details of the industry’s much-awaited disaster relief funding. The block grant, part of a $2.36 billion package Congress directed in February to agricultural businesses damaged or destroyed by hurricanes […]