Month: June 2018

FEMA flood maps massively underestimate real risks, study finds. Florida’s a hot spot

Flood risk, a perpetual concern in porous, low-slung South Florida, is far worse here and across the continental U.S. than now projected under Federal Emergency Management Agency flood maps used by homeowners to decide where to buy insurance, according to a new assessment. Nearly 41 million Americans — more than three times current estimates — […]

Extreme Hurricanes Deliver Powerful Lesson on Mitigation, Readiness, Resiliency

Emergency management officials still dealing with the after-effects of hurricane season’s wrath on Puerto Rico six months after the storms emphasized Friday that resiliency conversations need to be happening from community households to the federal level. At a Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Forum on the challenges posed by extreme hurricanes, Red Cross […]

National Flood Insurance is Underwater Because of Outdated Science

The National Flood Insurance Program, which covers some 5.2 million property holders in the U.S., was slated to get a badly needed overhaul today. The Senate’s task—which includes hammering out reforms that address the changing math of flood risk—has already been pushed back three times since November. Yet lawmakers still have not compromised on how to fix […]