Year: 2018

Region’s Business Leaders Must Step Up, Take Action on Sea-Level Rise

Editorial, Sun Sentinel, Oct. 31, 2018 t last year’s annual Southeast Florida Regional Climate Leadership Summit, we were encouraged when business leaders not only acknowledged the threat sea-level rise poses to the region, but the role they need to play in addressing it. It was a major step forward in attracting the financial and political muscle […]

Coastal Homes, Once Prized, Now Losing Cache Among Buyers Amid Flood Concerns

  Dennis Lynch, The Real Deal, Oct. 31, 2018 Growing concern over flooding and climate change are making once highly sought-after coastal homes nationwide less attractive to buyers. An analysis of pricing in coastal areas around the country by and the Wall Street Journal found that homes with high flooding risks have appreciated slower than […]

FIU Geologist: Hurricanes Remind Us that Sand is Not a Renewable Resource.

Chrystian Tejedor, The Invading Sea, Oct. 30, 2018 As beachside communities begin rebuilding in the wake of two recent catastrophic hurricanes, they should ask whether beach nourishment offers enough protection from erosion and flooding. Hurricane Michael struck Florida’s Panhandle as a category 4 storm with 155mph winds. Barely a month earlier, Hurricane Florence flooded the Carolinas […]

Delray Beach Urges Business People to Embrace the “Rising Seaconomy.’

Benita Goldstein, The Invading Sea, Oct. 30, 2018   Earlier this month, Delray Beach city officials took residents and business people on the third annual environmental cruise along the Intracoastal Waterway to assess the business opportunities that the rising sea presents. The theme of the tour was: Welcome to the rising seaconomy. Cruise participant Joe […]

Science Shows Hurricane Irma Affected 57,000 More Homes Due to Sea-Level Rise

First Street Foundation, The Invading Sea, Nov. 1, 2018   With each passing hurricane season, Florida’s coastal communities brace themselves for storms that seem to be getting worse. After the devastating 2017 hurricane season and the unexpected and rapid acceleration of Hurricane Michael, homeowners are growing increasingly concerned about the effect that worsening storm surge could […]

FEMA Flood Maps Ignore Climate Change and Homeowners Are Paying the Price

James Bruggers, Inside Climate News, Nov. 1, 2018   The official map laid it out for more than 200 homes within the community of Mexico Beach, Florida: the federal government had characterized their flooding risks as minimal, despite their near-beachfront locations. That meant for them there were no requirements to buy flood insurance, and local residents […]