Month: July 2017

Babcock Ranch is resilient by design

BABCOCK RANCH — Each June as the hurricane season gets underway, Floridians are reminded that the dream of living close to the coast comes with a certain amount of risk. When storms take aim at Southwest Florida and evacuation orders are issued, residents of Babcock Ranch will find themselves at a distinct advantage. “Storm safety […]

Miami-Dade Prepares for Rising Seas

Florida is facing major threats from climate change and sea level rise. Up to six feet of water could inundate the coast by the end of the century. Officials are trying to prepare and “resilience officers” are leading the charge in the Miami-area. WWNO’s Tegan Wendland met up with James Murley, Miami-Dade’s chief resilience officer, […]

Beach Replenishments is All That’s Standing Between North Carolina and Storms

Coastal communities are settling for short-term fixes instead of developing master plans. Millions of people visit North Carolina’s beaches each year, generating billions of dollars in revenue for the local economies. The natural beauty of North Carolina’s coastline, from the Outer Banks to the small towns south of Wilmington, is one of the top reasons […]

St. Augustine Mayor: You Can Still Address Sea Level Rise Without Talking Climate Change

She argues the most effective strategy for spurring action to fight sea-level rise is making the business case. And, the Democratic mayor of the nation’s oldest city said in her experience, steering clear of the term “climate change” helps keep politics from getting in the way of policy. “The minute you go there, you aren’t […]

Lawmaker Wants to Model Flood Insurance Reform After Citizens Takeout Program

The depopulation program that keeps state-run Citizens Property Insurance Corp. from growing too large should be a model for reforming flood insurance nationwide. That’s the idea a Florida lawmaker is promoting as Congress faces a Sept. 30 deadline to reauthorize a National Flood Insurance Program burdened by $24.6 billion of debt and ever-rising premiums State […]