Month: May 2017

Stetson University researcher addresses growing threat to coastal communities

Increased flooding caused by rising sea levels is a growing threat to coastal communities in the United States. In response, Jason M. Evans, Ph.D., assistant professor of environmental science and studies at Stetson University, is working with Sea Grant programs and several communities in the Southeast to discover ways to adapt to rising sea levels. […]

New Broward rules protect against climate change flooding

Broward County is taking steps to keep climate change from turning future summer rainstorms into major flooding events. While much attention has focused on how rising sea levels threaten barrier islands and coastal communities, climate change will also raise groundwater levels further inland, leaving less ground to absorb South Florida’s heavy downpours. To continue reading […]

How Rising Seas and Coastal Storms Drowned the U.S. Flood Insurance Program

Sea level rise and more severe storms are overwhelming U.S. coastal communities, causing billions of dollars in damage and essentially bankrupting the federal flood insurance program. Yet rebuilding continues, despite warnings that far more properties will soon be underwater. Long Beach Island is the largest and richest barrier island in New Jersey, an oasis of […]