Month: April 2017

Sea Level Rise Accelerated Dramatically in Recent Years, Study Finds

The findings, compiled by University of Siegen (Germany) researcher Sönke Dangendorf, as well as scientists from Spain, France, Norway and the Netherlands, were published recently in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. In the study, the analysis suggested the long-warned acceleration in sea level rise is no longer imminent – it’s underway. “We […]

Miami Beach mayor says coastal cities need more state and federal help to deal with sea-level rise

Calling sea level rise an “existential threat,” Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine on Thursday called on federal and state authorities to do more to help coastal cities like Miami Beach deal with rising tides that he says are threatening cities like his. Levine spoke Thursday at a conference of five government agencies that make up […]

Transit Infrastructure Must Be Made Resilient to the Effects of Climate Change

In 2012, a hurricane churned its way up the Atlantic, merged with another storm, turned toward the shoreline and made landfall in the New York region — an event with devastating effects on property and infrastructure, including transit systems. The transportation system of metropolitan New York was significantly impacted, and the after effects of Superstorm […]